How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath


Nick’s 3-year-old Boston Terrier has bad breath! It was so bad that it would make you turn your head. Nick’s dog was very affectionate and liked to give kisses to him, but Nick used to push him away whenever he would show love to him because of its bad breath. His dog was having really bad breath. He was worried and thinking ‘why does my dog has bad breath’?

Nick discussed this condition of his dog with the vet. He said that the dog’s bad breath could be cured, but it would cost around $300. Nick was disappointed to hear that as he could not afford the amount of money at that point of time. So, he started looking for some suggestions on how to get rid of the bad breath of his dog.

Is your situation similar to Nick, and you are also searching for some ways to treat this condition of dog bad breath? If so, then, your search ends here as we have brought some of the natural ways to get rid of dog bad breath for you. But before that, it is very important to know the root cause of dog bad breath. Let’s know it!

Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs

Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis is the outcome of a buildup of smell producing bacteria in the dog’s mouth, lungs, and gut. Constant bad breath can be a sign that your dog needs good dental care or something might be wrong with your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Whatever may be the reason, if your dog has bad breath, it’s a red signal, which you need to take into consideration.

There can be several reasons for bad breath in dogs, however, some of the main causes are:

  • Eating canned dog foods, food high in fish oils, food that is too hard to digest, and sneaking from other pet’s food bowl are the common causes of bad breath in dogs.
  • If any food or hair particle gets stuck in your dog’s teeth.
  • Teething is the most common reason for having bad breath in puppies and dogs in which the bacteria get deposited in the gum line.
  • Periodontal disease (a painful dental or gum disease) that may lead to loss of the tooth. It also damages the organs like kidneys, liver, and heart. In this condition, the plaque gets matured and cause irritating gingivitis.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases (in stomach, liver, esophagus or intestine).
  • Oral diseases like stomatitis (painful inflammation of the gums) and oral masses (Cancerous growth) and gingival hyperplasia in which gums are overgrown.
  • Metabolic disease (in kidneys) causes sour smelling breath, which occurs by the abnormal presence of some toxins in the blood.
  • Diabetes (a sign where bad breath can smell sweet or fruity)

Caution: If your dog’s breath is having an unusual smell, then consult your veterinarian immediately. In some cases, it can be a warning sign to various medical problems, which needs immediate treatment.

How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath?

If your dog has bad breath, then you should try some of these natural remedies, which will help to fight the bad odor.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help in reducing the stinky smell from your dog’s mouth.

Apart from combating the bad breath, coconut oil has many other uses. It is good for your dog digestive, immune, and metabolic system. Coconut oil consists of antiviral properties, which help in preventing and treating yeast infections. Also, it is good for your dog’s skin, bones, and brain.

Know how to get rid of dog bad breath using coconut oil.


  • Take 1 tsp of coconut oil and mix it in your dog’s food.
  • Or you can simply cook your dog’s food with coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil is also used for brushing your dog’s teeth.
  • This oil is sweet in taste and dogs to love its taste. So try giving 1 tsp of coconut oil to your dog every day to keep the stinking smell at bay.
  • Regularly make the habit of using coconut oil in your dog’s food. Very soon, you will notice a drastic change in your dog’s breath.

2. Lemon

Hot LemonadeLemon has a strong and nice smell of its own. It contains a citrus property, which stops the bacteria from growing inside your dog’s mouth, thus prevents bad breath. It is a simple remedy for bad breath, yet very effective.


  • Just add a few drops of lemon juice to your dog’s drinking water.
  • Or whenever you fill or change your dog’s water, squeeze a lemon into it.
  • Lemon act as a natural bleach that will help to clean your dog’s mouth thus provides a fresh smell to the mouth.
  • Follow this simple remedy to stop bad breath in your dog.

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3. Carrot

Organic CarrotsCarrot contains beta-carotene, which is one of the powerful natural antioxidants. It helps in protecting the body from the dangerous free radical injury. It is a rich source of vitamins and plays a major role in maintaining good health.

Plaque is one of the common causes of bad breath. Carrot is known for removing the plaque because of its abrasive quality. So, it is important to feed carrots to your dogs to get rid of bad breath.


  • Cut 1-2 carrots into medium size pieces and give it to your dog in between the meals or after the food.
  • Chewing the carrots stimulates the saliva, which in turn cleanses away all the food particles from the mouth and in between the teeth.
  • By adding carrots to your dog’s daily diet, you will soon find relief from dog bad breath.

4. Brown Rice

Brown RiceBrown rice is high in fiber, which is good for digestion. It is also loaded with powerful antioxidants, which prevent many diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. Digestion plays a vital role in a dog’s breath.


  • Instead of white rice, give your dog a bowl of brown rice1-2 times a day.
  • By adding some cooked brown rice to your dog’s daily diet will help in preventing bad breath, which is caused by indigestion or other gastrointestinal diseases.

5. Parsley

Parsley is mostly used to control bad breath. The chlorophyll present in this green plant helps in neutralizing the odor.

This remedy is the perfect answer to how to get rid of dog bad breath at home.

Process 1: Use it as a Mouthwash or Spray

  • Take a bunch of parsley leaves, and add this to 500 ml of boiling water.
  • Steep it for 10-15 minutes, and then drain the leaves.
  • Let it cool for some time.
  • Now, you can give this to your pet to drink.
  • Most probably, your dog will not like the taste, and will spew out.
  • So, you can use this as a mouthwash for your dog.
  • Otherwise take a spray bottle, and fill it with parsley water, and spray it into your dog’s mouth.

Process 2:

  • Take a few fresh parsley leaves and finely chop it.
  • Then add it to your dog’s favorite food.
  • Give your dog some parsley leaves to chew, which will help give a fresh smell to your dog’s mouth, and thus will reduce the bad odor.

6. Yogurt

Probiotic YogurtStill wondering how to get rid of dog bad breath? Try some yogurt.

Yogurt acts as an antidote for bad breath. Researchers have found that taking yogurt at least 2 times a day will help to reduce hydrogen sulfide, which is a compound that causes bad breath. It has also been found that yogurt is a rich source of calcium, which benefits the oral health.


  • Feed your dog with at least 2-3 cups of yogurt in a day.
  • Yogurt can be mixed with brown rice, or you can simply give plain yogurt in the morning and night.
  • Including yogurt in your dog’s daily diet can have many advantages besides controlling bad breath.

7. Brushing Dog’s Teeth

Oral hygiene is also required for animals as well. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly will give a fresh smell, and also help to get rid of the cavities.

Warning: Don’t ever use human toothpaste or baking soda to brush your dog’s teeth as the toothpaste contain some detergents, which are harmful to your dog if swallowed. Also, baking soda contains a lot of sodium, which can make them sick.


  • Take a soft bristle toothbrush from a pet’s store to brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Use veterinary toothpaste only.
  • Take a small amount of toothpaste for brushing.
  • You can use some herbs like margosa and coriander leaves in your dog’s toothpaste as these are the nature’s cure against bad breath.
  • While brushing, focus mainly on the upper teeth as plaque starts to build up on the upper teeth.
  • Also, clean your dog’s tongue gently.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth from the time they are young as it will make them get accustomed to it.
  • Brushing should be done frequently at least 2-3 times a week.

8. Chew Treats

There are varieties of chew treats available in the pet shop, which you can give to your dog. Remember to choose the right one for your dog, depending on their size, as small chew treats given to big dogs will not work as they can swallow it, which can cause choking. Older dogs should be given soft chews, as their teeth’s will not be very strong.


  • Give rawhide bones as a chew treat as it reduces the plaque buildup in dog’s mouth.
  • Always have a keen eye on your dog while they are chewing these bones as they can swallow the bones easily after a certain time, so at that time you should throw the bone immediately.
  • Never give cooked bone to your dog to chew as it can cause damage to their intestinal linings.
  • You can give peppermint leaves to your dog as a chew treat. Peppermint reduces the stinky smell from the dog’s mouth.

Tips to Prevent Dog Bad Breath

Here are few tips, which will help to get rid of bad breath of your dog.

  • Give plenty of water to your dog to drink daily as it will keep their mouth moist and keep the bacteria causing bad breath at bay.
  • Add lots of probiotics and digestive enzymes to your dog’s diet as bad breath is caused due to digestive problems.
  • Use anti-bacterial and peppermint-flavored dog sprays. These sprays will help to provide freshness to your dog’s mouth.
  • Use mouthwashes, which are not harmful to the dogs. Never buy mouthwash if it contains xylitol, which can be poisonous for your dog.
  • Regular brushing and flossing your dog’s teeth can reduce dental problems as well as bad breath.
  • Take your dog for a routine check up to the vet at least 1-2 times in a year to detect if there is any problem.
  • Give hard, safe chewing toys to your dogs for bad breath, which allows their teeth to be cleaned naturally.
  • Always watch your dog what they are eating and don’t allow them to go near the dustbin.
  • Try using food products containing ‘chlorhexidine’, an antiseptic chemical that is found usually in dog chews and sprays. It is used to destroy the odor causing bacteria.
  • Use mints for having a fresh breath from your dog’s mouth as mint contains natural flavors, which are useful for your dog’s dental health.
  • Use some herbs like Echinacea in the food of your dog. This herb can also be used as a mouthwash, which can help in boosting up your dog’s immune system.
  • Ensure that your dog’s food and water bowl is cleaned properly as unclean vessels provide bacteria to grow, one of the main causes of bad breath.

There are various ways to prevent bad breath in dogs, but it is always better to consult a vet if your dog is suffering from it for a prolonged period of time.

Follow these methods to get rid of dog bad breath and share if you know any other processes to tackle dog bad breath.


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